Project Description

Mobile App – La Fondue


La Fondue Restaurant – voted “Most Romantic Restaurant” by several media outlets over several years, needed an eclectic website to go along with its style and decor. Because the diners cook their own meals on table-top grills or by other methods, it was important to help identify cuts of meat and other items on their extensive menu AND inform the customer on how long they should cook the item and what it should be paired with.

PredoMedia created a mobile app built within the mobile site to easily select the item (meat or vegetable) from a photograph, identify the origin, flavor profile, recommended cooking time, and sauce pairing recommendation. We went one step further and added a timer for each item. Now the waiters have more time to focus on waiting tables and customers can easily access information and have a better dining experience.

La Fondue is located at:

Visit the site at: (be sure to use a mobile device to see the menu functionality)