Google Compare Will Sunset In March


The product, aimed at helping searchers find and compare financial services products like mortgage rates and auto insurance quotes, did not gain enough traction.

Google has informed its Compare partners that it will be shutting down the lead generation product for financial services as of March 23, 2016.

The product will begin to unwind February 23, giving partners a one-month transition period. Compare will shut down in both the US and the UK, the two markets where it was offered.

The news comes less than a year into Google Compare’s rebuilding effort in the US, where the product was originally called Google Advisor. Offerings for mortgages and auto insurance came online in select states in 2015. Compare has been more stable in the UK, where several financial services product offerings have been available since 2012.

Google says it will work with partners to transition Compare to AdWords, where it expects them to see better results. Compare did not gain enough traction with users to meet revenue expectations. Hopes had been high when Google introduced Compare for auto insurance last March. Even among competing comparison sites, many expected Google’s entry into the market to bring attention to the overall market. It appears any fears competitors and non-participants had of being eclipsed in the search results by Google’s own product were unfounded.

Ginny Marvin
on February 22, 2016